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Why does my cat like to drink out of water glasses and sinks?

“In nature, cats will avoid drinking water that is next to dead prey because the water may be contaminated with bacteria,” says Nagelschneider. “Inside the home, this instinct also applies – they want to drink water that is located far away from their store – bought food to ensure healthy water. We always tell cat owners to be sure to locate the water bowl in its own designated ‘water...

My dog likes to lie in mud puddles and other icky places. Why?

Mud puddles? That’s easy: In hot months, they’re like an instant air conditioner for your furry pooch. As for smelly places, Zawistowski says “nice” is in the nose of the beholder. “While rotting fish may not smell great to you, to your dog- descended from critters that scavenged for meals – it probably smells as good as fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Rolling in it is just a ...

Do Dogs and Cats Have a Sense of Humor?

According to the experts we spoke to, studies have not been done to assess pets’ sense of humor. But if we’re talking about a sense of fun, then the answer is yes. We humans so prize fun in dogs, we’ve ranked the breeds on a playfulness scale. Among those at the top: Irish setters, English springer spaniels, Airedales, miniature schnauzers, and poodles. As for cats, says Jackson Galaxy,...

Can Dogs and Cats Get Colds From Us?

Dogs and cats can get colds, with the same miserable symptoms (sneezing, coughing, watery eyes) we get, but they don’t catch them from us. Most viruses are unique to a species; whereas our common cold is caused primarily by the rhinovirus, most dog colds come from Bordetella bacteria or canine flu viruses, and most cat colds are due to feline herpes, caliciviruses, or Bordetella bacteria. None...

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